Foundation Purpose

Sep 2012
Chemical Accidents Response System And Installation Of Responsible Institute Chosen As National Agenda
Jul 2013
“Comprehensive Counter Measures On Chemical Safety” Prepared
Sep 2013
2013, N.I.C.S. Established
Jan 2014
Nov 2020
Moving to Osong

Purpose of Establishment

N.I.C.Sis a specialized institution affiliated with ministry of environment that prevents and responds to chemical accidents. N.I.C.S. was established to provide professional staff and equipment in case of chemical accident or terrorism, risk prediction assessment due to the chemical release, scientific technology and information on prevention, response and restoration of chemical accidents. N.I.C.S. Supports ministry of environment, regional environmental agency, and joint inter-agency around south korea.


Ministry of Environment's Chemical Safety.
  • Han River Basin Environmental Agency
    Siheung Joint Inter-agency
  • Nakdong River Basin Environmental Agency
    Ulsan Joint Inter-agency
  • Yeongsan River Basin Environmental Agency
    Yeosu Joint Inter-agency
  • Geum River Basin Environmental
    Seosan Joint Inter-agency
  • Wonju Regional Basin Environmental Agency
    Chungju Joint Inter-agency
  • Daegu Regional Basin Environmental Agency
    gumi Joint Inter-agency
  • Jeonbuk Regional Environmental Agency
    Iksan Joint Inter-agency
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